MARCH 28 - The Business of Events Forum


8:45 a.m. - 9:45 a.m.  Play For Creativity


The opening session of CSE Live offers a dynamic introduction into the power of play and fundamentals of improvisation to tap your deep well of creativity. Research explains how play shapes our brains, inspires creativity and creates competence and that in this fast paced, digital economy, creativity is crucial to gaining that strategic advantage. This class helps you open up to the process of learning over the next two days and will provide powerful take aways that will help you bring out the creative in your teams.


Learning Objectives:


● Develop creativity search tools

● Encourage collaboration and team-work in your staff

● Hone your leadership skills

● Create an understanding of team dynamics to improve communication


11:15 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.  Event Wars - Extreme Production Challenge


Have you ever worked on a huge event where there was more chaos than control? Large scale events have many moving parts and pieces that take layers of planning and logistics in order to orchestrate successfully. Planning it out, and pulling it together is one thing, but ensuring it is seamless, effective and a positive experience for your vendors is another level of expertise entirely. You may be getting your doors open on time but are you winning the event war when it comes to creating a stress free process? What are the keys to making it all work and how do you ensure that multiple vendors are on the same page and can come together to execute the vision on time and on budget?


ILEA Toronto and their team of creative event professionals (aka Event Super Heroes) are going to put your skills to the test to see how your planning process stands up against a detailed vision, a tight timeline and an obstacle course of “unplanned hiccups”.


This fun and interactive session will give you powerful insight into how creating a strong team of event partners and establishing clear lines of communication can help anticipate challenges, solve problems, and save money. Get ready for EVENT WARS!


1:30 p.m. - 2:20 p.m.  What Would Vogue Do? An Interactive Concept Building Exercise


This hands on, action packed session explores how FASHION Inspires event trends on all levels and its impact on what we design, how we design, what we are attracted to and what it means for our event concepts. Join international award winning event designers of some of the highest profile events in Canada, from TIFF to the Junos for this refreshing class and learn first hand what is paving the way for on-trend event design in 2017 and beyond!


Learning Objectives:


● Learn how to turn abstract inspiration into innovation

● Translating out of industry trends into the event world

● Highlight top Fashion trends for 2017

● Collaborative and insightful event design


MARCH 29 - The Event Plan Workshop


8:30 a.m. - 10:50 p.m. The Event Plan Workshop


Get ready to take a deep dive into the key fundamentals of planning successful events with multiple-award winning Producer Carolyn Luscombe, CSEM, CSEP, CMP


This workshop on the ABC’s of developing and managing a successful event will equip you with tools and strategies required to produce affordable, successful and seamless events. Whether it is a festival, fundraiser, conference or gala, the building blocks to success are the same.




● Develop a winning strategy

● Create a framework and critical path

● Build an effective event team

● Find, negotiate and work with suppliers

● Manage event documents

● Understand risk management and legalities

● Work with technical suppliers

● Plan for event day contingencies

● Write a complete ‘Project Closure Statement’




● Entry-level planners and coordinators

● Administrators planning events as part of their role

● Fundraisers Executives

● Hotel Catering & Event Teams

● Association Executives

● Wedding & Social Planners

● Anyone who regularly plans events



3:30 p.m. Design Dilemmas - Located in the Decor & More Promenade Lounge on the show floor.


Bring your most pressing design questions and get ready to share in this light and inspirational session bursting with creative ideas. Is your annual event getting stale? Has your budget been cut? Are the ceilings too low?  Do you have a 2 hour set-up for a 6 figure budget? or is the room all black and red and your client wants a soft neutral palette event?  Whatever your dilemmas, challenges, or downright problems, bring them along to this unique workshop presented by some of the most influential industry professionals, who will answer your questions in a round table “speed dating” style format. When we say ‘Design Dilemas’ we are not talking specifically about decor or the look of the room, but the overall design of the event.  Each of our speakers has a unique perspective and speciality they bring to the discussion and they will help solve your specific challenges.


Move through the various tables and leave with great ideas and solutions for your next event. As well as set questions, bring along your own issues and get years worth of high profile experience at your fingertips in helping you solve your most pressing issues.



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